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Antigone at Cutting Ball Theater


Written by Sophocles
In a new translation by Daniel Sullivan
Directed by Paige Rogers
February 19 ā€“ March 22, 2015

I just really like it when I’m sitting so close to the stage that I am immersed in a play. At Cutting Ball Theater, that is almost a given every time, but with this staging of Antigone there are three rows of seats on two opposite sides of the stage, and neither side is at a disadvantage. Everyone gets a view of the giant pictures of the two dead brothers polarizing the stage and whose story is central to the issues at play. There are two sturdy picnic benches that are aptly and subtly moved from scene to scene, as if they were part of a dance, which is the other beautiful thing in this production. As you probably know from reading the play in College, it is hard to make sense of what goes on (and it is rather boring) if the actors and the chorus just recite their lines, so here the interaction between them is fabulously enhanced by dance-like physicality (I was told there was no particular choreography designed for it, that the actors themselves developed these movements over the course of 10 months). Also, as has become characteristic of Cutting Ball, it is a fresh new translation, so the text becomes a lot more accessible to our twenty-first century ears (and yes, the F word makes appropriate appearances). And as we are close to the stage, we don’t need any sound enhancement to get every word and every tonality coming from this great cast.



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