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Mechanics of Love at Crowded Fire Theater

Mechanics of Love, a play by Dipika Guha at Crowded Fire Theater

What a beautiful play, and what a beautiful production! This new fantasy about love transcending the test of time is both a pleasure to watch and food for thought long after you leave the theater. But what may even be more striking is how well the ensemble of four actors work together within a strikingly well-designed set. Crowded Fire stages its plays at the small Thick House, without the resources of larger theaters, and manages to create a well-lit 2-story (and a half) stage which has the qualities of a play structure and giant tableaux.

This play is filled with puns and seeds for a semiotic essay, at the roundabout playfulness Mechanics of Loveof falling in love repeatedly, yearning for it, having no spine to sustain it, trusting that every day brings a new spouse, moving up and down the ladder of class and favor, running in reality rather than metaphorically, having babies with the names of past lovers and not quite knowing what to do with them, etc. etc. I was tempted to call it a comedy not unlike a restoration comedy for the 21st century, but it wouldn’t be in 21st century style to categorize it. Look at how the stage has been set, with the ballerina’s boudoir over a bakery and the mechanics’ workshop, and the constant reference to the same home address where the characters congregate to play on words in games of charades. You can have no presumptions on gender identity or class distinctions because the boundaries will not be recognized.

What are you waiting for? It plays until March 12.

p.s. check out Chad Jones’ review of it here!




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