GASP! A review of theatre, arts and culture

we just tell you what we like


GASP! was born out of a discussion over coffee between admirers of the local Berkeley (extended to the SF Bay Area) culture, lamenting the limited range of critics in the media and their instant effect on tickets sales.  GASP! is synonymous with holding your breath in shock or surprise, which we believe should be the way we approach the arts, although not always.  Fans of Derrida who like to really get out of the box drawn by popular media, we however believe in harmony and being nice to each other, so we hope you won’t see the kind of criticism that measures a performance against some kind of standards here.  On the other hand, yes, we’ll post ratings, not only by us but also by you.  And frankly it can’t all be distilled to one linear scale, so there will be many.

Have fun!

There will be a list of contributors here some day.

Looking for contributors, actually!  Contact me…



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